Lifebuilder's Counseling Services

We are                            Progressing in Perfection



    Our mission is to counsel, coach, train and supervise leaders from diverse backgrounds to become Certified Professional Faith-Based Biblical Counselors.

    We help you understand how to overcome life's challenges from the inside out by using God's Biblical Principles to both empower you and help you to do the same for others.

    Lifebuilder's training enables you and your clients to experience the effectiveness of counseling God's way. It prepares you to spread the good news that God's Word never fails if we do as it says.  When we do, it always works.  We teach counseling skills and the step-by-step process of counseling from intake to termination.  You will learn how to build your clinical practice on the sure foundation of God's Word, the Bible.

    If you are interested in becoming a certified Professional Faith-Based Biblical Counselor, complete the "Contact Us" form.